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The Mothers' Rosary

The Mothers' Rosary

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Beautifully illustrated, The Mothers’ Rosary contains meditations for all the mysteries of the rosary, the Stations of the Cross, and the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows of Mary.

Everyone can benefit from the meditations in this book, but they are particularly directed to mothers and written to focus the hearts of mothers on the perfect motherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

While this book is a wonderful individual meditation companion, it was also designed to facilitate the praying of the rosary as a group. The Mothers’ Rosary gives all the tools needed for a confident, thriving prayer group.

112 pages

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Rosary meditation sample from The Mothers' Rosary:
"Dear Blessed Mother, it is so easy for us as mothers to be distracted with all the little problems of the day.  Help us always to hold the bigger picture in our hearts and minds, to let go of the daily annoyances and to allow God to guide us in living our lives serving our families.  Help us to make our homes happy, peaceful environments in which Christianity thrives in the security of Our Lord’s promise of the resurrection."
The Stations of the Cross reflection sample from The Mothers' Rosary:
"There is a break in the crowd and I am able to reach my Son. A touch, a word,
a look is all I want, to let Him know that I am here with Him. But then, He knows I am with Him; I know He knows that I love Him. Our eyes meet. His face is severely swollen and bloodied, but still I can see that His eyes are full of love, those same eyes that gazed up at me when I held Him as a newborn infant in my arms for the first time. I wish I could hold Him again in my arms and protect Him. But then, it was for this very hour for which I protected Him all those many years. The words, “I love you,” choke in my throat but even so, I can see through my tears that they still give Him the strength He was looking for."
The mothers' prayerful response:
"There are moments when there is little I can do to help my children. It was so easy when they were young. I could solve all their little problems. But as adults they have to live their lives in a world which is entangled with big problems. And yet, a mother’s heart united in prayer with the Immaculate Heart of Mary will always sustain her children along the road to Calvary. Help me Mary to more closely unite my heart with yours."
The Rosary of the Seven Sorrows reflection sample from The Mothers' Rosary:
"What panic I feel as Joseph tells me that we need to leave Bethlehem immediately, for we are in grave danger.  Something bad is imminent, I can feel it as we leave under the cover of night.  With each step away from our homeland toward Egypt I feel a bit more assured of safety.  But then I hear it, the haunting sounds of crying women who have had their young children torn viciously from their arms.  All I can do is weep bitterly for them as I cradle the sleeping Jesus closer to my sorrowful heart for this hour is not my Son’s hour.  I praise you God for the gift of Joseph, to whom we have been entrusted.  For now, we are safe under his protection."
The mothers' prayerful response:
"Mary, bless our husbands who model St. Joseph and protect and guard our families."