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The Author


Paula Capps is an author and speaker dedicated to sharing her love for the Catholic faith by fostering intellectual and spiritual faith-formation at the grassroots level in local communities. Much of her adult life has been spent raising her eight children, being active in their Catholic education, and promoting the rosary both in her home and in schools. Paula wrote the book The Mothers’ Rosary to help facilitate the formation of mothers’ prayer groups in schools so that through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary children, families, and school communities will be blessed and protected. Since its publication in 2016, Paula has been a sought-after speaker on the topic of the rosary and its history, use, and power as a form of intercessory prayer. In addition, she has taught numerous Bible studies over the years.

Paula is excited to introduce her newest work, Beneath Thy Protection: Finding Jesus in the Arms of Mary. The goal of the book is to bring Mary to life, to show that she can draw every individual into a closer relationship with God, and finally, to impart a better understanding of the truths that are proclaimed by the Catholic Church. Delivering the content of a Scripture study in the form of a novel, Beneath Thy Protection imparts the richness of Catholic theological tradition, from the writings of the saints to the latest Marian scholarship, in a format that is powerful, engaging, and accessible. Each chapter will have you sitting beside the Blessed Mother, seeing the Word through her eyes, and allowing her to reveal the secret of an intimate relationship with God.

Paula graduated magna cum laude from Washington University with B.A. degrees in Architecture and History and resides with her husband in St. Louis, Missouri.