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Our Story

In 1994, my sister-in-law and I decided to start a prayer group at the school our children attended. The plan was to gather a group of mothers in the school’s beautiful chapel once a week and pray the rosary for our children. This group soon became known around the school as “The Mothers’ Rosary”.

I began to write reflections on the mysteries of the rosary that would help the moms focus their hearts on the perfect motherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary, often writing them on First Saturdays when I kept Our Lady company thinking about the mysteries of the rosary and how they related to my life, especially as a wife and mother. I also wrote meditations on the Stations of the Cross, which our group incorporated into our prayer during Lent, as well as on the Seven Sorrows of Mary, a devotion important to our school, all written from a mother’s heart and inspired by the love of Mary for her Son. Eventually I put these reflections and meditations in an easy-to-use book, illustrated with photos of the beautiful chapel where we gathered every week to pray, to help mothers pray for their children, whether in a group at their children’s school or in the privacy of their own homes. Today, The Mothers’ Rosary is used by moms and mothers’ prayer groups praying for their families throughout the country and even the world.

Desiring for quite some time to offer a rosary that was accessible, functional, and beautiful, I eventually designed and created these stretch-and-wrap rosary bracelets. They are perfect for every lifestyle but are especially suited for the chaotic life of a busy mom. Our Lady of Fatima asked us to pray the rosary every day. These rosary bracelets can always be with you, and, if need be, the devotion can be prayed a little at a time. The handy crucifix and miraculous medal placeholder charm can help the busy mom keep track of her prayers throughout the day. A mother's daily care for her family is a loving prayer in and of itself; sprinkling Hail Marys into her hectic day, whenever possible, only makes her maternal vocation that much more powerful.

I have recently finished writing a second book, one structured around the twenty mysteries of the rosary and written from the perspective of Mary. Inspired by the oldest Marian prayer in existence, I named the book Beneath Thy Protection: Finding Jesus in the Arms of Mary. It reads like a novel but delivers the content of a Scripture study and serves as a rich source for meditation. It is my wish that Mary and her role as handmaid of the Lord will come to life through this book.

It is my prayer that these books and rosaries will help bring the unimaginable blessings of the rosary to all; I especially hope they help mothers become more like the Blessed Mother and channels of God’s grace to their spouses and children. 

With God's blessings,




Moms praying the rosary for their children.



Moms praying the Stations of the Cross.



Moms praying the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows of Mary.



Teachers and children joining moms (and dads) to pray the rosary.